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The scientific journal “Bulletin of Moscow University” was founded in 1946. Series 19 – Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication has been published since 1998 (4 times a year).

The Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 19. Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication is one of the leading scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) for the publication of the results of dissertations.

The journal is mainly concerned with scientific articles and reports, discussions, and information about scientific conferences.

Authors include eminent Russian and foreign scholars, associate professors, professors of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, young scholars and postgraduates.

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You can familiarize yourself with the contents of the following issues of the journal:


You can familiarize yourself with the abstracts of the articles of the following issues of the journal:

Subject matter and specialization of the journal
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One can subscribe to the journal at any post office, via the Rospyechat Agency catalogue Newspapers. Journals.
The subscription index of the journal is
Readers abroad can arrange a subscription through bookshops in their country, which have contact with the MK-Periodika agency

The editorial board of The Bulletin of Moscow University, series 19, Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication


  1. Renate Rathmayr Ph.D., Professor, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Business Communication, The Institute of Slavonic Languages, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria

  1. Robert Goeckel Ph.D., Professor of Political Science and International Relations, The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Geneseo, USA.

Member, Advisory Board, Center for Russia and the United States, Moscow State University and SUNY, Moscow, 2003-2006. Member, Scientific Advisory Council, Institute for Comparative Church-State Relations, Berlin, 1997-2003. Dissertation Advisor, Bruce Hall, SUNY College at Buffalo, 2003. Member, Study Group, "Christians, State and Society in the GDR," Science Center North Rhine-Westphalia, Minister-President Johannes Rau, Chair, 1992-1995.

  1. Robert Ilson Professor, Researcher Emeritus at London University College, London, UK

  1. Roland (Roly) Sussex ProfessorEmeritus of Applied Language Studiesat the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies of the University of Queensland,Brisbane, Australia.

  2. Zheng Tiwu Director of the Institute of World Literature,
    Shanghai International Studies University. Member of the Presidium at MAPRYAL, Vice-President of the All-China Society on Foreign Literature Studies, Vice-President of the All-China Society of Foreign Literature Teachers, Member of the Chinese Union of Writers, Honorary Member of the Russian Writers' Union, Doctor Honoris Causa at the RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies in Shanghai China, Director of the Institute of World Literature atShanghai International Studies University.

  1. Yan Ke Professor, Director of the Institute of European Languages and Cultures, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Member of CAPRYAL, Member of the Chinese Association of Russian Literature Studies (CARLS), Member of the Russian Language Sub-Committee of the Leading Committee on Foreign Language Teaching at the Department of Education of Guangdong Prov., Guangzhou.

  2. Jack.C. Richards, Ph.D. in applied linguistics, literature, professor emeritus of Pedagogies Department, University of Sydney, Australia; professor emeritus of Pedagogies Department, University of Auckland, New Zeland

Contact information
Editorial Board
Tel.: +7 (495) 734 03 10
Fax: +7 (495) 932 88 67
e-mail: vestnik19@yandex.ru

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Rules for the presentation and design of articles submitted to the editors of the scientific journal Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 19. Linguistics and intercultural communication

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1. All articles sent to The Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 19. Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication are subject to an obligatory review.
2. An expert evaluation of articles is carried out by members of the Editorial Board and also by invited reviewers leading specialists in the particular area. All reviewers are recognized specialists in the area of the material being reviewed and have over the past 3 years published materials on the theme of the article under review. The Editorial Board chooses the reviewer. The review takes up to one month. The original review is kept in the editorial office for 5 years.
3. The editors of the journal send the authors of articles copies of the reviews or justification for refusal, and are also responsible for sending copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on receipt of a request for it.
4. If the review contains recommendation on the correction and improvement of an article, the editors send the author the text of the article with the reviewers comments, suggesting that they be accepted or rejected (giving reasons) when preparing a new version of the article. Revision of the article must take not more than 14 days from the author being sent an electronic message about the necessity to make some alterations to the text. The revised version of the article will be appraised by the editors and, if necessary, sent for another review.
5. If authors refuse to revise the materials they must in written or oral form notify the editors of their refusal to have the article published. If an insoluble disagreement about the manuscript arises between the author and reviewer, the Editorial Board has the right to have the manuscript sent for another review.
6. The decision to publish articles is taken at a meeting of the Editorial Board in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers. Articles not recommended for publication will not be reconsidered.
7. When an article is accepted for publication the author will be informed and given the proposed date of publication.

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tel.: +7 (495) 734 03 10
e-mail: vestnik19@yandex.ru


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